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We stock & sell products for the farmer, market gardener, contractor, landscaper, turf grower, nursery, hobby farmer & serious home gardener, including:

  • Fertiliser bags & bulk bags, liquid, soluble, trace elements, organic, pH adjustment

    Crop protection herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, organic, growth regulators

    Commercial hydroponics monitoring & dosing, pH probes, EC probes, soluble fertilisers

    Pest control rodenticides, pesticides, fly control, traps

    Irrigation commercial, domestic, trickle, Aquatraxx, Layflat, PVC, poly, filters, pumps, clamps, valves, dosing pumps, gauges, monitoring solutions, fertigation units

    Water products tanks, pumps, filtration, pipe, troughs, purification products

    Spraying wide range backpacks, hand operated or battery, trolley or trailed, ATV type, diesel transfer units, foggers, hose, hand spray guns, accessories, drum pumps, measuring jugs

    Equipment post hole borers, brush cutters, line trimmers, blowers, firefighters, portable evaporative coolers

    Machinery rotary hoes, disc and drag harrows, slashers, carryall trays for small tractors & ATVs

    Testing water, soil, sap, dry leaf, compliance monitoring

    Seed vegetable, pasture

    Safety equipment respirators, gloves, face shields, overalls

    Work clothing rain gear, gumboots, workboots

    Sundry - soil pH adjustment, sanitisers, soil wetters, plastic mulch, bird net, rope, rubber bands, strapping tape

    Regen 2000 smokewater & smoked vermiculite

    Laundry bulk packs laundry powder, dishwasher detergent, cleaning products

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420 Nicholson Rd,

Forrestdale WA 6112


Phone:   08 9397 2800

Fax:       08 9397 2900